Thursday, December 17, 2009

Shoppin season..

..Yesterday I went to buy a gift ..I was amazed to see the parkin place to park..had to literally wait for few minutes.. before parkin.. The stores are full of people like crazy.. All Christmas feel I could get.. I hope it gives a head start to the US economy..
As I entered the store.. practically everythin is on sale.. thankfully not store people:)..
All designer shirts.. best brands on sale..!!! wow.. I picked one for my hubby..who usually wears these kind for his office.. then went to see a gift..for my friend.. lookin for a jacket..and coats..OH..My Goosh!! so much variety..all major brands.. like.. Guess.. Tommy.. LIZ.. polo.. I could see the beautiful ..winter colors.. Plaid(chex) is very mch in fashion.. short waist cut..jackets or A-Line coats..are in trend.. I picked one plaid.. jacket and and woollen top.. in black, to match this ..took bright red scarf ... but I could see..people goin crazy.. not many Indians are here where I live..more confined to ..white skin.. but then Michigan is known motor... city ..An Auto world ,so most of the Indians here are ..workin in auto industry.. and they belong to south of India..
Christmas.always brings an excitement move around.. everythin is decorated.. the city looks divine..
I always believe in giving during this..season.. to needy..clothes or money or anythin I can afford...I am thankful to God ..for that I can share with others..worthy of that!!!
..coz.."Sharing is Caring"

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