Tuesday, December 1, 2009

global friendship..

Friendship around the globe..on-line friends..talking to one of my friends who was upset today as his girlfriend left him for no apparent reason..I was surprised when he told me she is trapped by a gang and they told her to delete him ,even this friend of mine ,his a/c was also deleted few days back and he had sent me a message from his second ID saying somebody played dirty with him and deleted his account as his password was hacked.. I am surprised what kinda place is orkut??.no security..every other day password is hacked,people take out grudges on each other...but trapped by a gang is a big lie,I cannot believe somebody can force you to delete your friend and blackmail you for not talking to him...we are all educated people and know exactly where the help is available whether its India or US ..these stories are fake like being trapped or blackmailed ,its just an excuse to ditch your boyfriend or delete him from your friends list ,its a clear cut signal to stay away ,as you are unwanted and there is somebody else in the picture....I told my friend,he was in tears as she played with his emotions taking him for a stride.. talking to him on his cell everyday and now building up stories..both of these are in my friends list..
This guy is an MBA,I believe marketing manager holding a good position in a corporate and I think drawing a six figure salary .. very sincere and sensitive person..the girl as far as I know is a computer wizard very smart in graphics and good looking person..I usually get best scraps from her..don't know the whole story ..but looks like this gurl is dumping the guy but doesn't have guts or courage to tell the real reason.. so building up stories...
Well there are all types of peop
le in this world ..
But I am happy ...since one of my old friends is back in my friends list...
My all good friends are stars of my friends list ..they glow,twinkle and make me smile too... I definitely miss them when they are not in my friends list...

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Bikram said...

I like this Article, Definitely I too smell the rat there, she wants to dump him and has not got the guts .. But tell your friend NOT to loose Hope, HE deserves better and Will get HER soon enough.
I also have a similar problem with someone.

I am also a sucker for frienships, cause relatives you are born with.. Friends you make.. and I love them and AM thankful to God that I ahve soem, very nice sincere friends ... Nice post.. Keep it up
Do visit mine sometime..