Sunday, December 13, 2009

Art of good living!!!

A good living can be termed where there is peace of mind ........and happiness..many a times we follow superficial things which leads to anxiety and then ...not getting it leads to depression...
To me on my personal level ..I think positive attitude or good behaviour not only helps others but ourself too...One good deed will not only earn respective but will clean the inner conscience..which in turn helps to build confidence and gives you happiness..
The Addictive Behaviors, individuals with compulsive disorders, including alcoholism, gambling, overeating, or smoking, often increase negative behavior, or undergo a relapse, after they have been through a stressful time period. I believe that anger resulting from stressful situations also plays a part in some addictive disorders. As an example, individuals who do not express anger outwardly often turn it inward. When this occurs, it may lead to depression. To relieve the discomfort they feel because they have not expressed their anger, these individuals begin to over eat or engage in other addictive behaviours.
Exercising is one way to take out negative energy by goin to gym and meditating helps to clean soul by reducing stress,calming the body ,helps to sleep better and then helps keepin a positive attitude..
Music.. also the right music can inspire us and elevate our consciousness. To get the most from meditative music we should listen with our heart rather than mind. Our mind tends to criticise and complicate things. Our heart embraces the consciousness of the music...Love yourself..before loving others..
In this society, we're taught that praising ourselves is selfish and wrong. But praising ourselves for things that are good about ourselves only helps us, It is a healing thing to do, something that nourishes our self-worth. When we love ourselves, we're happier and more true to our own selves...and that happiness and ability to be free spreads to others.
So...try to think of something that you like about yourself, or something that you did today that made you or someone else feel good -- no matter how small it may seem. Give yourself
the kind of warm praise that you would to a friend.
Compassion..try healing others.. BUDDHIST PRAYER OF COMPASSION With every breath i take today, i vow to be awake; And every step i take, i vow to take with a grateful heart. So i may see with eyes of love into the hearts of all i meet, To ease their burden when i can and touch them with a smile of peace...
Extend a helping hand .. a small help can save someone... and in return you will get a feeling as never before...
means to be forgiving, to act selflessly kind and helpful and to accept the other/s whatever their faults or downfalls. Love is a deep emotion that impacts ones very soul and dictates ones actions. A deep love in contrast to a shallow love is one that lasts long after any turbulence experienced.The kind of love, becomes a kind of infatuation, excusing another’s faults. If we see their faults reflected in our own lives, how can we accept them and not ourselves? If you love yourself, you will be loved the way you want to be. You will go out and seek persons who are kind to themselves...
Clean house
I remember my Mom telling me once or twice that a clean house leads to a clean mind. Over the years I’ve really grown fond of that notion: if the area you surround yourself with is clean and organized, then your mind is free to think clearly. Your surroundings, whether that be your living room or your office cube, become a blank slate for your imagination and productivity to really take off. The same be said about your money and finances? I would think so. I know I feel better when I know where my money is going and can see how I’m progressing towards my goals... Family... Family...your loved ones help you to come out of stress or or dad.. or if..married then family..coming home from work ..and lookin at your loved ones will take out the fatigue and relax you .... ...These are the if incorporated in daily life ...even few of them if not all ,will help us for a better living... ONE life..MAKE it...OR ...FAKE it..

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Dharmjit said...

really a nice post u talk of no. of attributes that one should very well explain all the aspects in a post .your post also reminds me of my mother same wording about house cleaniness but i never take it seriously.hope i will take inspiration from ur post