Sunday, November 22, 2009

Waste of energy!!!!

I think people who think themselves to be very smart and intelligent are mistaken , dude never underestimate the other person.. If one is quite and you are trying to mess up things then I would say one thing...put your strength and energy on border as we need more of your services there rather then on orkut..
As I always thought people from forces have lot of etiquette's then civilians ,my Dad as army officer and half of the family serving the country ..we always respected our forces .....what I perceived or thought was always correct...
Last night watchin on of the premium channels of US..(pay per view)..the whole scene of "Massacre in Mumbai". was shown .I thought,most of the americans will be watching this telecast ,which was horrifying,left me having goose bumps and followed by a night mare.. It can happen to anyone in the world..
US could also be the next target.. terrorists who have no religion and are real beasts on this earth ..Country needs people like you guys ,from forces to tackle the heckled situation.. ..You need to spend time and energy on this Issue,rather then sending me testimonials of all weird kind!!!!!


Zeenu said...

some nuts are too hard,special kind generally r used to play
"this is also special kind"

Harman said...

..your very good