Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanks giving!!!

..Its like living with gratitude..its wonderful time of the year,where family and friends cook delicious foods of the season,spending frantic hours in the kitchen and then put all mouth watering dishes together before the table is set!!!! I usually call this as "American bisakhi" ,where the crop is ready and farmers thank God for the food given to us.It was started by native Indians(red Indians) teaching their children to thank almighty for wonderful foods given to us on this earth..
Its to feed our bodies and mind ,the philosophy is great ...but also reminds me of my bisakhi of Punjab which is celebrated with same zest....."its harvest time".
Thanksgiving where turkey (bird) is roasted ,a compulsory ritual...poor turkeys..I always pity ..its takes me at least five to six hours to bake it.. and butterin it every half hour as the bird is too dry to eat with cranberry sauce and baked potatoes with fried rice and Cesar salad ..followed by pumpkin pie or my york cheese cake... its like stuffing yourself..
But I think why only on thanks giving I realize the abundance that exists in my life and the more I give,is less compared to what you have given to me ..I am grateful to you..(almighty)
This year lets strive to have only one obligation on thanks giving ------ to sincerely Give Thanks...

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