Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Ya..size do matter..eating in right portion and staying in right size we don't regret later in life..Its easy to gain and very hard to loose weight....I was always a very skinny kid......underweight looks like an under nourished matter how much I ate.. It was much later in life when I passed my teenage stage I started gaining some weight ,my dad;who always wanted me to gain weight was the happiest person to see me pumping up.. may be it was an effect of Punjabi atmosphere in India....
I always watch the portion size now..When I came to US.. in my initial years I had lot of time to kill decided to explore USA.I joined a program of "Jenny Craig" where they tell you how much to eat and what the portion size should course accompanied by exercises ..that was the best program which made me fit till date and I know exactly what to eat!!...Its basically eat in small portions at regular intervals..
As we grow old the metabolism gets slows ,its difficult to loose weight so staying away from white stuff and switching to brown is the best option ..from rice to wheat or pastas to brown bread..
Its always a challenge to stay in size and look young ..but its needs efforts and motivation to exercise and resist the temptations or jus watch the portion size..
I usually get lot of compliments on my looks and fitness... people have a mental block that after marriage there is no need for fitness or looks as it hardly matters now!!!
I think staying healthy and looking good is forever!!

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My waist..just like stem of wine glasslol