Saturday, November 7, 2009


Saturday afternoon... sitting on my PC..checking mails now... after done with lots of Indian cooking..all types of appetizers and dishes with we are expecting some relatives from New York.. in the evening..
Its going to be a get together , all relatives at one place, as my cousin who also happens to be my sister-in -law; has a baby I decided to help and do the major main course dishes once again we have a new kid in the house..Ariana Singh..
Long awaited girl in the family to fill the space..which was always empty..Thanks to the Almighty!!!
Looking at the emails... there are few offline messages..some old chats ,some pictures phew!! looks like some lost friends ,some new faces ...
Same old the mail box....its four pm ,I guess ..too late for any more Blog... should ..get the guests are here!!!

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