Thursday, November 12, 2009


I think..interests sometimes become passion and then followed by hobby or profession,but many a times we are confused as to what should be done in life which is interesting and money generating....
To me interests should be constructive ones which personally should grow with our lives and not be an interference in any work or life,my personal belief is there is "one life to live and if lived properly ,one is enough"
Interests ,where people..fall in abyss with bad or wrong company and not using their own most of the cases it is like that..or being lured by rich ..upper class society,choosing wrong path or short cuts to follow their interests.I think a sufficient time should be given to any profession or work before jumping in any conclusion ,most of the time we know what is right ,but we ignore the fact ,just laid back attitude is a conflict between our interests and lack of motivation..
Usually money brings motivation to every interest ,and to pursue that interest.. there should be an effort..
Spending time in malls,or looking at girls ..or building castles in the air or laughing at other people ...jus ..look at yourself where you stand??? before pointing others..


Zeenu said...

too..good,just like you,your thoughts are to clear..

Harman said...

thanks... definitely you will get a chocolate from me...lemme know which one you like..Hershey or