Thursday, November 19, 2009

an hour..

An hour at gym,where I had hard time in doin crunches at the Abdominal...bench doin different sets..for abs and obliques ..putting all my strength ..I saw a women ..white hair in her early seventies coming to me .. I got up and looked at her...Man so fit...I thought..she said .."I will tell u the right way to do crunches". she ;laying herself on the bench positioned her accurately ..started doin crunches effortlessly..I smiled ..she then added some weights on the to make it tougher....I grandmother at this age would be lying on bed in India,saying "hai".. asking for help all the time or demanding attention from the family members...
The smart Senior citizen ,then picked up ring and started doin ring dance balancing the ring on her waist....which I could never do...I looked at her and smiled..
She came to me later..and said honey..." you are very fit but need to invest more time on these machines to make it more gullible..
...I said ..SURE.....gym in the morning more for seniors then juniors..most of them are senior citizens I maybe the youngest.. the music was loud today at the gym the track they played was .."I ammmm... coming so u better get the party started"I smiled at the song ..all seniors are getting ready for the party..;)

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