Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day after thanks giving...

barely minimum sleep.... may be four to five hours was very hectic ,as this week we had lot of festivities around ..thanks giving was main event..with loads of cooking at home ..eating lot of stuff ...seems like there is no other work..and then to shop very next day!! Stores open for black Friday sale at 4 AM.. sales papers were delivered on thanksgiving night, showed up some huge sales..I went through some papers ..took a note for the best sales and stores ..we need to target...Target store was first one at 7 in the morning.. no place for parking and no carts available for shopping madness as if everything is free.. long lines to check out..I took couple of things but didn't want to wait for an hour in the line..but thankfully line moved very fast and we were done in few minutes.. I could see people spending money like crazy ..keepin credit cards in their hands.. a black gurl ahead of me..for checkout ..swiped her card and it declined as no money was there ,she then payed some cash and left rest of her shopping behind..So much desperation for so little ..stuff... Jc penny another store ..where I go more often..for appliances ..saw a small pressure cooker just $4 (5quarts),me with mom( mother-in law)we laughed at the price ..a hand blender for $3 ..kinda amazing or a pop up toaster for $15.. are good prices to shop.. Best buy had put up Acer laptops for $129....but it was finished by 6am the morning.....people slept in the cars very night to get hold of them...All electronic stores were done before 6 AM..
Every year I see this kind of madness and decide not to go next year,but when black friday sales come up..I am all set to shop..!!!


Dharmjit said...

who will not go to buy an acer laptop for just $129.
how good it be if there could also be such types of sales in india
thanks maam for being follower

Harman said...

ur welcome,but at ur blog comment cannot be written as there is some problem..try to fix it..

Dharmjit said...

thanks maam ,
i had fix the problem