Thursday, November 19, 2009


Straight from the heart and lot of courage it needs to confess....jus returned from work..where the day is gloomy.. picked a cup of cappuccino on my way....french vanilla..Tim Horton's
yes, it was hard today... to do parallel parking ,as I am very poor in that...usually I skip that part unless its important.....down towns usually have those parking and many a times I leave or skip that!!!
I never understood this fundamental of parallel parking narrow ,no place to drive inn.. between ..parallel parking...I usually park my sweet Camry in an open space where there is no traffic and then I like to walk store...
My driving is perfect..never goes beyond speed limit or got a ticket ever since...a careful driver... but my horse sense fails when it comes to parallel parking..
In US driving test is based on parking ..specially parallel parking ... I had practiced parallel parking ..only for test .. but till date avoid..Parallel parking..YO

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Anonymous said...

mam...its not only u ,we also have hard time in..P parking.