Monday, November 16, 2009

Cold monday mornin!!!

..Its cold..with wind chill seems like a dry gloomy Monday morning...
Mondays were always hard for me ..even when I was in school or college ..getting up and goin to college was kind of punishment for me..I always thought why Monday was there??? my Monday blues were always there even as a kid..
Teaching in first job.. when I jus completed my masters ..and goin to boys college as a professor,was kinda hilarious.. I had my interview on Friday and principal told me to join on Monday!!!
Again Monday morning !! my blues started...quite and introvert person ..wasn't very sure this job was good for me...but always accepted challenges in life..and first time experience teaching under-grad students ..where the classroom is full of boys ..standing on the dias..with first lecture on management ..Hierarchy system.. I could see everybody smiling in the class..
Mondays..where the week starts and what needs to be done..?? are all sticky notes on my desk ..
Winters is here..with temperature fallin in thirty's Fahrenheit ..extreme cold is yet not seen and my Mondays blues will be at peak..with the gloomy dry winter..

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