Friday, November 6, 2009


Boys and Brats are very close terms,All kinds of pranks can be expected,I being a mom can say from my experience,this is the picture of my son... such a brat..
I had hard time in raising him..he was a touch me not kind...
Boys they learn to jump before walk,or shout before speak ,,always distracted ,its like raising two kids at a time with one boy, yes kids are bundle of joy,a blessing ...but with two boys its a full time job and always on go..
Some putting a cell phone in a glass of water...why ???I asked
its taking a shower mom ,it was dirty!!!(ans)
Sometimes I talk to other moms,those who have boys ..I think everybody has a same story unless its a girl in the house..
Recently my cousin had a baby girl..after six boys in the family..we were sooo last all prayers are answered ...

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Anonymous said...

very cute kid..