Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Arrogance or being high headed is something like givin a character certificate to someone....talking to somebody ,a complete stranger where we have yet to know about his or her nature ,and probing into a personal life of somebody cannot be termed as arrogance ..Many a times we judge a person by word of expression or if talking personally by body language..
I think before we ask a personal question to anybody we should take a permission and we should be well aware of what is being asked and what the reaction would be!!!
Arrogance is something when you hit a self respect of a person and the reaction we get back is then termed as arrogance..
Somebody used an arrogant word for me ,I clarified what arrogance is??? then my word of expression is termed as modesty ,to which I laughed and said ..its exactly opposite to arrogant ..The bottom line is... before asking a question...beware of the consequences..

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