Wednesday, October 21, 2009

status update

This is ,something I take care of ,,when I log in... Yup...I have these quotes in my pc millions.. bookmarked and"The best" ..found anywhere in books,poems,autobiographies or journals online and even my own ..written ..anything that impresses me..
I have these quotes on every topic,hard realities of life ,very meaningful and has lot of depth..
Yes..I get many scraps on my status updates.. friends ....ask me from where I get these quotes ???to this my answer is..if "one gets into habit of reading ,quotes are easily available"
These quotes are also means of giving messages to friends and foes..
Sometimes when we visit a strangers profile ..its by this update we come to know ,kinda person or what personality might be...
No.. status update.. Lol..means mysterious person!!!!

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