Friday, October 30, 2009


Sometimes ,a situation is so very tacky ,we cannot believe our eyes and brain is more dominant sometime ,as the whole scenario is kind of confusing..
I was a student of first year at that time,going to college and talking to friends in the evening was favourite pastime..she was my close friend ,though we were in different colleges..
Her grandfather had passed two weeks backs and standing on terrace one evening right next to the room where her grandfather stayed once,we were talking looking down the street,suddenly the cooler outside the room started shaking and creaking of doors and windows, as we moved back to see friend shouted "its grand pa's spirit here " "He is here"she started running,looking at her I started running too..then immediately I stopped on my way and told her to stop, its an earthquake!!!..She yelled at me....
"OK "but why are things moving here? earthquake is suppose to be down inn there..pointing at earth???I stared back at she serious?? BUT
She was damn serious.. I didn't want to embarrass her kept she ran down,it was definitely an earthquake ,may be for two seconds as I confirmed later..and explained my friend the basic fundamental of
Today also where ever there is an earthquake in the world..I remember..Jyoti ..and her yelling at me..that was soo very sweet of her...

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