Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Looks ...??? how important they are?
Yes looks are important to certain extent ,but not everything....its just like when we go to a book store we go for good authors or look of the book ..but later when we read come to know the depth...
To me ...looks are important but only to a certain extent ...its the Attitude that makes a difference..Looks ;as this is first thing that comes into notice before anybody speaks.. but ..looks depend genetically.. on your parents or inherited features;so in that case if one is not very good looking then dressing sense improves the personality ..with clean habits.
cut above the rest...in that case ..person has to be educated ..worldly wise,to be able to participate in discussion ,good body language and very humble gesture...these things are far beyond looks... that's how a person is weighed..in gatherings..
Men or women ..looks can be deceptive..I have met very good looking people in my life ,which are complete JERK 's in reality ...or beautiful lass ..a complete bimbo... Dumb... so..
It has to be little bit of everything to make a complete wonderful human.. which creates an Aura.. in every place!!!

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