Wednesday, October 28, 2009

In conversation with God!!!

When a child comes to this world ;his or her last conversation with God!!
God: Today is your last day here,tomorrow you are going to other world..
Child:what is this other world?
God:This world is created by me with lots of colors and different type of people (good,bad and ugly)
Child :You are not coming there with me?
God:no,my role was till here ;but I will be watching you all the time..
Child :who will look after me?my needs ,take care of me ,love me and understand my language or save me from any mishap..
God;There is an Angel ,waiting for you there....she will look after you,love you,and without uttering a word will understand you,she will take any kind of pain or calamity on her before anything hurts you..she is after me in that world..
Child (excited):really?..what's her name?
"Moms are Angels sent by God"
(this is actually definition of mom)

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Zeenu said...

"Moms r real Angels"
well said.