Saturday, October 24, 2009


When I first came to US ...I was surprised to see this celebration on Halloween,where houses are decorated with witches and devils,and people dress up like ghosts on this day,Halloween eve is called "Devils Night"..anything can happen on is of cars to windows of houses or headless people seen on the streets...Man I thought "what kind of celebration is this"????
In the evening kids come to every house 'dressed up like devils,beasts ,characters of Disney or Angels; its like party in heaven... and ask for Candy's..Saying"Trick Or Treat"and we give candy's to everyone saying Treat..happily(there is no other option)
I am not a big fan Halloween.. but since kids come to our place ,so we give candy's.. but opening the door for kids who are dressed up like devils or headless ghosts is scary for me.. I usually run back my hubby opens the door smilingly giving Treat to all the bunch of devils ,I mean kids...its hilarious though, the way I have written but in reality its scary...
A block away from our house.. they have decorated the house in form of graveyard
with skulls lying all over the place and spots of fake blood everywhere,and two ghosts r sitting and playing cards with a witch flying on the broom..with a big vessel is kept with oil and skulls in it and scary noises on system put behind the house..
The whole house is decorated with spider webs...
..To me this scene is ...kinda.. total madness...

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