Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Orkut applications.. I am surprised with the settings or apps.. trying to do something and something else happens...
Trying to change profile picture one Sunday morning ,as I was cropping the picture figuring out ,how it looks on profile ...boom ..picture was already there in my profile even before clicking the update button... and the funniest part was I could not see the new pic in my profile but my other friends could see my new picture in their profile...and before I knew picture is changed I started getting scraps ..that my pic is good...I was wondering which pic??? I asked one of my friends,,he laughed.. told me to come on his profile and ...I was surprised to see my new picture everywhere... .
I told my husband ...Who was sleeping ..to see whts wrong with application...and told him about picture story.. ..he..told me not to worry..all pics are good..even if it is by mistake.. ...I logged off ...thinking these apps are...

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