Friday, October 30, 2009


Sometimes ,a situation is so very tacky ,we cannot believe our eyes and brain is more dominant sometime ,as the whole scenario is kind of confusing..
I was a student of first year at that time,going to college and talking to friends in the evening was favourite pastime..she was my close friend ,though we were in different colleges..
Her grandfather had passed two weeks backs and standing on terrace one evening right next to the room where her grandfather stayed once,we were talking looking down the street,suddenly the cooler outside the room started shaking and creaking of doors and windows, as we moved back to see friend shouted "its grand pa's spirit here " "He is here"she started running,looking at her I started running too..then immediately I stopped on my way and told her to stop, its an earthquake!!!..She yelled at me....
"OK "but why are things moving here? earthquake is suppose to be down inn there..pointing at earth???I stared back at she serious?? BUT
She was damn serious.. I didn't want to embarrass her kept she ran down,it was definitely an earthquake ,may be for two seconds as I confirmed later..and explained my friend the basic fundamental of
Today also where ever there is an earthquake in the world..I remember..Jyoti ..and her yelling at me..that was soo very sweet of her...

Devils night!!!

Today is Halloween,Eve... I can see excitement in the ,adults dressing up for costume parties or Halloween night..
Talking to one of my American friends ,she; who is more like me ,doesn't believe in dressing up for Halloween or looking like ghost ,where many offices have permitted to wear scary or Halloween shirts or accessories like ties for men or jewelery for women with skull prints or ghost look...
Most of the houses now in the neighborhood..I can see here has a Casper (character)ghost on trees hanging upside down or witches on broom..
Walking down the street this morning ,with a drizzle outside and still dark with no sun......seeing in the neighborhood all types of witches and beasts of all kind all around... I felt like I am walking in a ghost town..

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Friends are known to be helping hands,or trouble shooters or,maybe angels......
But not everyone ...sometimes we are mistaken as things are misinterpreted and realities are different ... I had always very few good friends,those I know personally and few online, those I don't know, but seem to be fairly good...
Its always the experience that makes us wise and tells us not to commit the same mistake again...
I had locked my Id ,pictures and stopped chatting with everyone ,some of my friends are very annoyed as I am never online,I think I am a better ,more organized and much wiser from my past experience...
Pictures I have locked as everyone is asking...I think I am better off without pictures ...but profile picture needs to their ,so I had put one I don't believe in fake pictures..
ID I have locked ,as already friends list is too long and seriously I don't need anymore friends unless its my relative from India..
My helping hands are my few friends online or some I know through orkut (females) I talk over the cell..I can trust,and those I can look forward if I need some help!!!
Yes there has been instances ...which made me do this ..but its good for me ,I think this was a message to discriminate between .........................a friend.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

In conversation with God!!!

When a child comes to this world ;his or her last conversation with God!!
God: Today is your last day here,tomorrow you are going to other world..
Child:what is this other world?
God:This world is created by me with lots of colors and different type of people (good,bad and ugly)
Child :You are not coming there with me?
God:no,my role was till here ;but I will be watching you all the time..
Child :who will look after me?my needs ,take care of me ,love me and understand my language or save me from any mishap..
God;There is an Angel ,waiting for you there....she will look after you,love you,and without uttering a word will understand you,she will take any kind of pain or calamity on her before anything hurts you..she is after me in that world..
Child (excited):really?..what's her name?
"Moms are Angels sent by God"
(this is actually definition of mom)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


All names are kept by parents.. but some names are self-made,recently I came across a name ,kinda looks fake the ID appears fake too..I couldn't stop laughing ..what..kinda joke is this??..a fake name with a fake blogger.. GOD!!! no blogs,recently made..brand new ...passed a comment also on one of my blogs..the funniest part is the name ....kinda very interesting.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Season..

Driving down the street,taking a left turn as I entered the street..I said ..oh my God!!!
it was like I entered the picture,with all trees turned into best of fall colors from orange to red to yellow to pink,and trees touching each other making a roof of leaves ,Sun passing through the leaves ..reflecting the road made in different colors..I looked at the clock in my was 6:15 pm as sun goes down early nowadays by 7pm,so time for sunset too..the view was breath taking,Michigan is known for fall season as its picture perfect ,beautiful all over ...even the small shrubs change their colors.
Nature at its best ....

Saturday, October 24, 2009


When I first came to US ...I was surprised to see this celebration on Halloween,where houses are decorated with witches and devils,and people dress up like ghosts on this day,Halloween eve is called "Devils Night"..anything can happen on is of cars to windows of houses or headless people seen on the streets...Man I thought "what kind of celebration is this"????
In the evening kids come to every house 'dressed up like devils,beasts ,characters of Disney or Angels; its like party in heaven... and ask for Candy's..Saying"Trick Or Treat"and we give candy's to everyone saying Treat..happily(there is no other option)
I am not a big fan Halloween.. but since kids come to our place ,so we give candy's.. but opening the door for kids who are dressed up like devils or headless ghosts is scary for me.. I usually run back my hubby opens the door smilingly giving Treat to all the bunch of devils ,I mean kids...its hilarious though, the way I have written but in reality its scary...
A block away from our house.. they have decorated the house in form of graveyard
with skulls lying all over the place and spots of fake blood everywhere,and two ghosts r sitting and playing cards with a witch flying on the broom..with a big vessel is kept with oil and skulls in it and scary noises on system put behind the house..
The whole house is decorated with spider webs...
..To me this scene is ...kinda.. total madness...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Remembering India...

It takes to be an Indian!!
something in me is so attached to roots,that whenever I talk to my friends we discuss more about India then US...
One thing I really miss ..which..I think is a million dollar thing for me..its the dhabba food(road side open restaurants)..that is something " The Best "food for me...I always made it a point to stop; to eat at these places...
I prefer eating vegeterian food in dhabbas unless its fine dinning ..
The menu is usually crammed by the waiter ..and salad is frsh cut on the spot with ratten cots to sit and wooden plank kept as table in the middle of cot.. everything is rustic but very cute and neat.. everybody is usually sitting under the tree..
The food is like home made served in steel plates ,copper glasses and far we can see hand pump ..on the corner ..
I had visited few of these places on my last visit;my personal favourite is still Lucky
Going to Delhi from ludhiana I make a point to stop at this place it is open twenty four hours..


Quotable quotes!!!
"Love is the net ,where hearts are caught like fishes"
" Flirting is conversational chemistry"
"getting married is an incredible act of hopefulness"
oops I missed one,,
"Beauty lies in the eyes of Beer holder"

Outside a big motel was written
"we re as cheap as you are"----lol
outside post office it was written
if that doesn't work,PUSH.
if that doesn't work,we re closed

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

status update

This is ,something I take care of ,,when I log in... Yup...I have these quotes in my pc millions.. bookmarked and"The best" ..found anywhere in books,poems,autobiographies or journals online and even my own ..written ..anything that impresses me..
I have these quotes on every topic,hard realities of life ,very meaningful and has lot of depth..
Yes..I get many scraps on my status updates.. friends ....ask me from where I get these quotes ???to this my answer is..if "one gets into habit of reading ,quotes are easily available"
These quotes are also means of giving messages to friends and foes..
Sometimes when we visit a strangers profile ..its by this update we come to know ,kinda person or what personality might be...
No.. status update.. Lol..means mysterious person!!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Halloween is around the corner and scary scraps are here,this sunday sitting in my library at home
I was checking the scraps and ..there was a message .."wanna play tic tac toe"..I said ..sure... I like playing tic tac toe..(xo xo xo)..and started the game happily..then after two chances..a Witch came out of the game ,makin a scary noise..I jumped from my chair back..sayin..SHIT...
Weird people ..

Monday, October 19, 2009

School friend..

This friend of mine is lost somewhere in the world..except the name I have no where bouts of this person.. I tried all search engines,every other way but no success ,thousands of people of same name are there on face book ..but no... its not there.. name communities ..everything I tried.. but cannot find.. its been two yrs but no success ;my school friends doesn't know about.. this person..since everyone is out of Mumbai..
I cannot recognize the picture also ,as we were kids when we played together and faces tend to change as we grow up..
But where there is will there is way...
I will find my friend one day... there is mass improvement in technology and many websites are coming up ..lets hope ..for the best...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

sporting life...

Boxing analyst..
In spite of breaking bones and head injuries or deaths in the boxing ring ""there is nothing serious to worry""
Basket ball analyst..
The fact that lot of dribbling done by one team is not liked by the opposition team....
Cricket analyst...
running fast between wickets ;not only helps to keep you lean but lowers cholesterol and helps you looking younger..
Gymnastic analyst..
Somersaults determine the right size of body and waist...
All these Comments were given by Experts after long research ,years of study and hard work...


Once a decision has been taken ,there should be no looking back or repenting on that..Decision..If you don't want a friend to be in your friends list or don't want to see a person online when you are online or don't want to talk to a person or just delete somebody then ,I think there should be no looking back ..I have always extended a hand of friendship sending greetings;given a chance to everyone before deleting or breaking friendship even when I was at no fault..whether ..USA..or INDIA..

Friday, October 16, 2009


This one festival in India...I just love it... its like the whole country is decorated with lights and decorations... its simply beautiful... with lots of excitement and shopping all around...I am not big fan of crackers or lighting them..but looking at fireworks is fun..
My last visit to india I reached a day before Diwali and celebrated it at home... Lots of people coming inn and out of the house..with gifts and festivities all around... its was nice..the whole environment had a smoky feel... with lots of noise all around...
Feel of Diwali starts from Navratras... then dusshera between there is a fast for married women ...Karva Chauth I don't keep that fast... in fact any fast, I know about this fast from Indian movies and shows.. and also seen women decked up ..on this day...
US..there is no such Diwali like india.. but people do light candles and small lamps ..or have party at each others place...or go to Temples or Gurudwaras for well being of everyone...
Basically wherever we are in the world... its the happiness that matters...


its just October...and we have winters here...its so cold ..yesterday standing outside waiting for school was raining with wind wearing a heavy jacket I still could feel wind passing through me as if I am porous ...Winters are the worst part of weather .. down south ...they already had snow showers effect is everywhere...yesterday New york had first snow shower,my friend in New york told me...
It has all started now..snow.. and everything... will finish in April...
so no more more summers..!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


A mom was calling his son the top of her voice to come home....I crossed by..and told Steve why he is not listening to his mom..Steve ,may be six yr old kid looked at me ... and said... well ;she is not hysterical yet!!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Orkut applications.. I am surprised with the settings or apps.. trying to do something and something else happens...
Trying to change profile picture one Sunday morning ,as I was cropping the picture figuring out ,how it looks on profile ...boom ..picture was already there in my profile even before clicking the update button... and the funniest part was I could not see the new pic in my profile but my other friends could see my new picture in their profile...and before I knew picture is changed I started getting scraps ..that my pic is good...I was wondering which pic??? I asked one of my friends,,he laughed.. told me to come on his profile and ...I was surprised to see my new picture everywhere... .
I told my husband ...Who was sleeping see whts wrong with application...and told him about picture story.. ..he..told me not to worry..all pics are good..even if it is by mistake.. ...I logged off ...thinking these apps are...


Looks ...??? how important they are?
Yes looks are important to certain extent ,but not everything....its just like when we go to a book store we go for good authors or look of the book ..but later when we read come to know the depth...
To me ...looks are important but only to a certain extent ...its the Attitude that makes a difference..Looks ;as this is first thing that comes into notice before anybody speaks.. but ..looks depend genetically.. on your parents or inherited features;so in that case if one is not very good looking then dressing sense improves the personality ..with clean habits.
cut above the that case ..person has to be educated ..worldly wise,to be able to participate in discussion ,good body language and very humble gesture...these things are far beyond looks... that's how a person is gatherings..
Men or women ..looks can be deceptive..I have met very good looking people in my life ,which are complete JERK 's in reality ...or beautiful lass ..a complete bimbo... Dumb... so..
It has to be little bit of everything to make a complete wonderful human.. which creates an Aura.. in every place!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009


This question was asked to two hundred applicants to hire a position in a company...
There are three people standing on a bus stop; one is an elderly person who saved your life once ;an old women who needs medical help immediately;a beautiful mate you wanted to complete your dream...
Out of two hundred people there was only one smart answer...
Ans:I would give my car keys to elderly person to take sick women to hospital and call a cab, and take a beautiful mate with me to complete my dream..

Thursday, October 8, 2009

EID..(chand Raat)

This year on Eid I was in Toronto..and it was an Eve ... (day before Eid)..there were lot of fairs on Eve.. in Banquets and open I decided to visit one of the fairs and see ..what is happening ..!!!!
My husband ; who doesn't like to go in any fairs as usual and wants me also to restrict myself as..according to him..the crowd is not good at these places but I always want to check with fashion as I am associated to that he decided to stay home and I decided to hang out with my friends ..
At the banquet hall there was no place to park..lot was full;so we decided to park at corner which was empty in front of a deserted building...
As we entered they greeted us with.."Ess salaam wal eekkum"I smiled and we nodded our head...
YUP..the Chand raat..was awesome as with thousands of Muslims all over the world mainly from Pakistan..carrying beautiful jewellery and dresses from Pakistan.
mostly women were holding the stall... but lots of men were helping them..
The best part about the Muslim culture is...They speak with lot of respect...
..yes I brought couple of jewellery pieces..unique and intricate..but the place was so crowded was difficult to breathe.. and as they saw the moon; they started hugging each other with Eid mubarak... a Gurl stared at me and said NO..u don't celebrate Eid ..before she could hug me... .I said.yes..I am not Muslim.. and managed to come out of the hall..with my friends.
The Car where we parked ..was now blocked with drums on side..WE wondered what happened??? to parking lot.. it was actually parking lot of night club which starts at 10 pm Saturday night..I could see two big fat guys.. standing outside the club ..the security people..
We went and requested those guys to remove drums as we had to take out the car.. they agreed...and doom...took a freeway and came home....
It was.. never seen before kinda ..feeling... but good...

Monday, October 5, 2009


With lots of work..and guests.. and family.. no time its like breaking down ..or stressed out...
ITs actually with the situations... and mood swings...stress ..comes...
Concentration of thoughts add to stress..negative or bad thoughts add to extra spicy food..hard to handle ..when one is hungry!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Buick LaCrosse

The new Car designed by GM(general motors)...and introduced all over the world in July this year.. its a luxury Cadillac or Toyota Lexus or Benz
This Car lacrosse is designed by my husband (interior) with team of engineers.. probably the only Indian in the team..and working as lead engineer...(leading a team of engineers).. got a very good response...
before this car.. He had designed Ford Escape..which was also a big hit in the auto world...
In not yet introduced.. may year...


An institution by itself...many people ask me this quest.. how is it to be married???
Yes.. its good to be married...but at right age and right time..
Its an natural phenomenon and cannot be ignored.. Marriage to me is a relationship of Trust,Respect(very imp)loyalty and love for the partner.Its adjustment made happily for each other without any hard rules and laws..Two persons cannot be alike and cannot live together if they are different in adjustments have to be done in any case...
Attitude of the female and Ego of male should be kept aside...the KEY...
Yes..I am happily settled..with no issues and absolute independence.. ..its all based on trust...
Trust me on that ;)

Thursday, October 1, 2009


To all my friends who have ..complimented me for the blogs..
thanx for keeping up my spirit and good work...
..&Yes these thoughts reflect my personality and overall persona..

Women power...

We recently had navratras ..where Indian godess.. Maa Durga and Maa Kali was worshipped.. there was lot of festivites around....Yes I know about these costums and religion..had seen them in India and have lot of respect for the Hindu culture..
But .. when you worship the godess and seen the power .. bow your heads ..
then why not respect women???
..Seen the women power..How Maa kali stands against evil...then why underestimate..the women power...
Save the gurl child and..Respect Women!!!!