Monday, September 21, 2009


Toronto,one place I visit more often then any other,its like second house in Canada.Almost every month in summers I am at Toronto..
Toronto is like huge Indian community living at one place...Man..yet to see so many Indians living at one place outside India.Sikh community in abundance..all Indian restaurants,fast foods,stores ,shopping plazas ,malls convenience stores. ...everywhere Indians!! one or other owned by them...Toronto (Canada) is crowded ..hustle and bustle area.. unlike Michigan.(USA) quite peaceful and hilly area..but Toronto is very lively..
Niagara water Falls which I have seen number of times is also one attraction as everyone is there show their relatives..Downtown of Niagara falls is quite hip hop.Night life is every other thing to spoil ...from bars to ..t.dancers(studio) ..hookers pubs and clubs,spend little money and you will be king or queen...Lol
One can hear loud music or noises as you pass by a Night club..
In Toronto..Down town we have CN towers.. Eaton centre (mall) huge like a palace..with four floors,many other Gerard street!people talking in Hindi or Urdu.owned by Indians ,all stores,fine dinning,restaurants,Indian fast food.. you can see every other Indian by religion here.. Cabs owned by Indians most of them Sikhs.. with turbans..speaking Punjabi..
Square One Mall where I like to go is like sixty percent population Asians..and forty percent rest of the world..
In Canada ..I have visited Toronto and Montreal .. both the places are interesting..

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