Thursday, September 17, 2009


Testimonials are nothing but judging your friends and their abilities ,when you have friends as strangers(you don't know them personally),its only through these testimonials we come to know the person ,his or her character,personality and ability.Its best way to know a person,when you are visiting a profile and if testimonials are open to everyone.
I get lot of testimonials from my friends ,everyone has its own way of judging me and its a way I critically analyse myself and try to improve if any flaw is there anything that needs to be mended.
Visiting profile,no I usually don't
do that cause already have lots of friends but if I have to delete somebody I make sure I check the scraps and testimonials to see where and how I made a mistake by choosing a wrong friend and to be careful next time.
!!!!!!!!!!!YES I AM ALLERGIC TO FLIRTS!!!!!!!!!

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