Thursday, September 17, 2009


YUP..I love to go to GYM..
I think every healthy body and mind should exercise and keep itself fit.. The other day I was at Zumba Class... Its a combination of dances... Salsa, Jazz, Belle , Disco, belly dancing... it is a complete workout .. for an hour.. Usually females are only there as the studio is run by females and trainer is also a female.. The atmosphere is so lively with loud music and dancing ...
In New York there is studio run by American girl which has a Bhangra class as workout for an hour ..with all hip hop songs which is kind of interesting,my cousin from NY got me a DVD to workout ,Its looks simple to see.. but its very tough to workout on Bhangra Beat..needs lot of energy...its total toning of every part of the body..
I usually stick to daily routine of machines and tread mill for an hour ..which is stress relieving and keeping me active all day!!!

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