Thursday, September 17, 2009

Eve teasing...

It s a kind of disease found in most of the people (men) in India...Girls being harassed for no reason,the situation gets tense and most of the time it ends up in a big fight among guys.Every girl goes through it ..good bad or ugly,the scene in India hasn't changed much.. five yrs back I was in India.. pretty much same ,guys they have itch to pass comments on girls ..any one, it might be a maid of some house..
Yes ..I have gone through this and my brothers(two) bashing up guys .its kind of embarrassing ..situation for girls ..there is no hard law made yet in India, against eve teasing ..sometimes this issue gets so big ..that one ends up in hospital ...
Its actually all upbringing and environment..
This incident after my marriage on Holi in my surprise I saw guys..(strangers) entering opening the gate ..and wanted to play holi with my sister- in -law..and it all ended up in guys bleeding profusely in big massive fight..
USA..staying here for so long haven't seen any incident like that.. laws are too strict against sexual harassment is imprisonment and penalty...every nook and corner tel nos are written if anybody harasses you call the COPS..

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