Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Most of my friends on-line are strangers..but when ever we talk its like knowing them for years.....yes some of my friends are here from day one when I joined orkut may be like more then two yrs,I do talk to selected people on line ..but..but never on phone..yes..people do request in a polite and comfortable way.. and give their numbers but I always maintained my privacy ..and kept some reservations...
Anything that gives me a cheap feeling or kinda.. creepy..I will never do that..coz end of the day...I should feel myself as a clean ..dignified..and a


In spite of the hurdles,mood swings and goes at its..pace..
To move ahead is life..
Yes ..we go through many ups and downs in life but the best part of human is the memory,with time it fades and we forget...YES WE FORGET...other wise sulking is what one would be doing all the time...


Its good to see when you close chapter of deleting...yes..a very good friend of mine deleted me ...
the culprit is not misunderstanding but once a common friend instigator definitely hurts to see this but...friends like you are always respected and remembered...if you ever wanna talk...u r welcome..wishing you best in life and lots of happiness in future..
God Bless!!

Monday, September 28, 2009


t's sad when people you know, become people you knew. When you can just walk right past someone that was once a friend ; who use to talk for hours & now you can't look at them. Funny how things change....
Honesty, Loyalty and Respect are the three pillars of friendship. If these three exist, the friendship can survive anything and everything.
Its a complete cycle...from strangers to friends...friends to good friends....from good ones to best one...from best one to monster...n from monster to some one i dont know...probably again stranger!!!
"Time changes friends do not"

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Family values...

People with family values dont indulge into petty kind of things and specially if u come from a well off family and being in USA for a reason ... try to be focused ..and giving undue importance to a person is like" bending down for no good reason "
I hope u got my message ..if u r reading this ..I mean all those who think of teaching other
person a lesson..its like getting dirty yourself..

Bsy week..

Last week was like too busy with lots of work ,being saturday its like relief from work and spending some family time..
Man ...last week it was kind of topsy turvy world..had lots of shooting and hunting going on and ad mist of all was calming and creating peace to make world a better and beautiful place to live.
Its looking beyond everything..
Life is beyond fights and abusive language,end of the day...all matters is one should be safe and sound..
Looking Beyond an intentional growth!!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Scraps or messages in any porn form is disgusting ..recently I read my friends scraps as she happens to be my best friend on-line ...
Character is built by word of expression .. I know we loose our temper but still porn pictures or messages are kind of shit you throw on others thinking its a good job!!! many people read those messages and ,the one who writes these kinda messages,their characters are built in seconds ..
Education,job or society everything is destroyed in seconds when one sends dirt to another,at that time let me tell you ..ones character is portrayed ..whether its an officer,excutive or a janitor..As a female ,its always we weigh a person by word of expression when on-line ...
So try using clean language...


Diwali is yet to be here but I can see some fireworks on orkut!!!
... my humble advice to all of you..
play safe ..keep your ego aside and don't mess ...
I think it will keep us in good health...
There is no end to any fight ..we can extend it or just let it go..
but end of the day..our careers should not suffer... and please guys.. think beyond....

Monday, September 21, 2009


Toronto,one place I visit more often then any other,its like second house in Canada.Almost every month in summers I am at Toronto..
Toronto is like huge Indian community living at one place...Man..yet to see so many Indians living at one place outside India.Sikh community in abundance..all Indian restaurants,fast foods,stores ,shopping plazas ,malls convenience stores. ...everywhere Indians!! one or other owned by them...Toronto (Canada) is crowded ..hustle and bustle area.. unlike Michigan.(USA) quite peaceful and hilly area..but Toronto is very lively..
Niagara water Falls which I have seen number of times is also one attraction as everyone is there show their relatives..Downtown of Niagara falls is quite hip hop.Night life is every other thing to spoil ...from bars to ..t.dancers(studio) ..hookers pubs and clubs,spend little money and you will be king or queen...Lol
One can hear loud music or noises as you pass by a Night club..
In Toronto..Down town we have CN towers.. Eaton centre (mall) huge like a palace..with four floors,many other Gerard street!people talking in Hindi or Urdu.owned by Indians ,all stores,fine dinning,restaurants,Indian fast food.. you can see every other Indian by religion here.. Cabs owned by Indians most of them Sikhs.. with turbans..speaking Punjabi..
Square One Mall where I like to go is like sixty percent population Asians..and forty percent rest of the world..
In Canada ..I have visited Toronto and Montreal .. both the places are interesting..

Thursday, September 17, 2009


YUP..I love to go to GYM..
I think every healthy body and mind should exercise and keep itself fit.. The other day I was at Zumba Class... Its a combination of dances... Salsa, Jazz, Belle , Disco, belly dancing... it is a complete workout .. for an hour.. Usually females are only there as the studio is run by females and trainer is also a female.. The atmosphere is so lively with loud music and dancing ...
In New York there is studio run by American girl which has a Bhangra class as workout for an hour ..with all hip hop songs which is kind of interesting,my cousin from NY got me a DVD to workout ,Its looks simple to see.. but its very tough to workout on Bhangra Beat..needs lot of energy...its total toning of every part of the body..
I usually stick to daily routine of machines and tread mill for an hour ..which is stress relieving and keeping me active all day!!!


Testimonials are nothing but judging your friends and their abilities ,when you have friends as strangers(you don't know them personally),its only through these testimonials we come to know the person ,his or her character,personality and ability.Its best way to know a person,when you are visiting a profile and if testimonials are open to everyone.
I get lot of testimonials from my friends ,everyone has its own way of judging me and its a way I critically analyse myself and try to improve if any flaw is there anything that needs to be mended.
Visiting profile,no I usually don't
do that cause already have lots of friends but if I have to delete somebody I make sure I check the scraps and testimonials to see where and how I made a mistake by choosing a wrong friend and to be careful next time.
!!!!!!!!!!!YES I AM ALLERGIC TO FLIRTS!!!!!!!!!

Eve teasing...

It s a kind of disease found in most of the people (men) in India...Girls being harassed for no reason,the situation gets tense and most of the time it ends up in a big fight among guys.Every girl goes through it ..good bad or ugly,the scene in India hasn't changed much.. five yrs back I was in India.. pretty much same ,guys they have itch to pass comments on girls ..any one, it might be a maid of some house..
Yes ..I have gone through this and my brothers(two) bashing up guys .its kind of embarrassing ..situation for girls ..there is no hard law made yet in India, against eve teasing ..sometimes this issue gets so big ..that one ends up in hospital ...
Its actually all upbringing and environment..
This incident after my marriage on Holi in my surprise I saw guys..(strangers) entering opening the gate ..and wanted to play holi with my sister- in -law..and it all ended up in guys bleeding profusely in big massive fight..
USA..staying here for so long haven't seen any incident like that.. laws are too strict against sexual harassment is imprisonment and penalty...every nook and corner tel nos are written if anybody harasses you call the COPS..

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Blogs..

Recently someone online came to chat ,complimented me for my blog my surprise ,,thanx to all who read blogs my friends from orkut and others who visit my profile...
My message to everyone in blogs are Please help others ....poor or rich ... weak or strong ..fight against evil and girls ..please keep up your family name..

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


On saturday..I was at a new mall ,the whole concept that they had come up with was too good.. Its an open mall with all designer stores and in between had some fine dinings...
The water splash for kids with a big play area also something good ,with live dance show on the stage..something new in michigan...this thing I had seen in vegas ..but here also it was too good...
The girl who was singing was tooo cute with her plaid micro minis and big boots... ..I told my hubby,,,
he said... as always ..thats why all men are here...!!!!

my picture..

My pictures in my album face-book or orkut are taken by my hubby (monty) ... Yup..he is an professional photographer as a freelance he can work, but being an engineer by profession he is more interested in his job then photography .... he usually gets lots of compliments for his picture skills ..some people also offered him a job on weekends to work for them since he is too good in this field,also got an offer for some commercial photography for a certain online website,ususally if we are at any party mont"s has to click all the pictures and they will not call any photographer..
With best softwares and latest equipment at home its more of a photo studio ... then my little library at home.
Recently I had a photo shoot on sunday, yes it turned out to be tooooo gooood...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


betrayal of trust in friendship,in spite of asking so many times if one is not ready to disclose the truth ....jus for old-time acquaintance sake being loyal to your childhood friend...even though when you.. know that friend is wrong,is nothing but betray of trust to other is good to keep one f'ship intact and loose all your other friends.....this theory of yours wont reap rich friendship crop!!!!!!!!!

..ID crisis

I have lot of fake IDs in my orkut profile almost deleted fifty of them as I spotted them but still many r there ...Few of the fake ids I know who are behind them, but unless its harmful ,there is no need to delete..that's my theory... and I want to see at what length people lie,its hilarious though.
One fake id that's seen more prominent to me is showing up signs of trouble but remember one thing
"Never trouble the trouble..Trouble will trouble you a lot"