Friday, August 28, 2009

Remembering Anita!

Today after many yrs Anita came into my mind and I went back in memories..when I got married and came as a bride ...we lived in India for sometime and this girl was brought as a maid for me to take care of chores at home ..Anita was a village girl from remote area of uttar pradesh (india),she made me feel like princesses taking care of me from cooking to all my personal stuff...
I never bothered about cooking ..had to tell Anita what I wanted to eat,and a table was laid in stylish manner with all condiments and good dishes.. she treated me be as Bhabhi(sister-in -law)taking care of smallest things required.
Anita was very punctual,getting up early,taking shower and then knock at my door to wake me up ..with tray in her hand ..cup of tea and time keeper,keeping my slippers next to my bed and ironing my clothes and sometimes even making my hair up dos ... attending all my personal phone calls and keeping a track of the people,all the household bills ..letting me know when it has to be paid,though illiterate but very sharp.
Anita was a cute girl may be seventeen years or so ...her parents were in village and she use to send her salary to her dad in village..
Then one day Anita's father came from village to get her back as she was getting me it was a shock ,,she was too young but its people from villages get their daughters married she had to go..
I still remember her.. the best maid ever I found...
God Bless Her!


Monty said...

She was a gem and good at heart Hope she finds loads of joy in life!

Harman said...

yup..very true!!!!