Friday, August 28, 2009

Remembering Anita!

Today after many yrs Anita came into my mind and I went back in memories..when I got married and came as a bride ...we lived in India for sometime and this girl was brought as a maid for me to take care of chores at home ..Anita was a village girl from remote area of uttar pradesh (india),she made me feel like princesses taking care of me from cooking to all my personal stuff...
I never bothered about cooking ..had to tell Anita what I wanted to eat,and a table was laid in stylish manner with all condiments and good dishes.. she treated me be as Bhabhi(sister-in -law)taking care of smallest things required.
Anita was very punctual,getting up early,taking shower and then knock at my door to wake me up ..with tray in her hand ..cup of tea and time keeper,keeping my slippers next to my bed and ironing my clothes and sometimes even making my hair up dos ... attending all my personal phone calls and keeping a track of the people,all the household bills ..letting me know when it has to be paid,though illiterate but very sharp.
Anita was a cute girl may be seventeen years or so ...her parents were in village and she use to send her salary to her dad in village..
Then one day Anita's father came from village to get her back as she was getting me it was a shock ,,she was too young but its people from villages get their daughters married she had to go..
I still remember her.. the best maid ever I found...
God Bless Her!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


with a cup of tea.. and some crackers... sitting on my PC..checking my mails ,there is lot of junk in the mail box,with all those unsolicited mails.The first thing I do every morning _____Login ,check all the accounts, mails and messages ..and start my Day..But first thing in the Morning everyday the Almighty for everything ...
Today its cloudy outside ..seems like winter has given a kick..little chill in the air.. days are getting shorter as sun goes down early now days ..but mother nature has to play its role ...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Being helpful..

To help others... well dude.. one needs lots of compassion and guts.. which I think everybody cannot do...
I have helped many people in my life ..known and unknown there have been instances where I have paid lots of money out of pocket just to make other comfortable ,friends in trouble..I have been always there for them ,thru and thru and never even mentioned to anybody about it.. may be at the end of the day I am a satisfied person cause did some thing good...
Yes its our wish to help others or not, but remember one thing...ONE NOBLE DEED CHANGES THE WHOLE SCENARIO...history has been made by good deeds!

friends or enemies!

There is very thin line in these two words,Friends&enemies.. Friends in Foe..
the good friends can sometimes be your enemies too...How? well the ans is by itself B'cause they know best and worse of you.. so believe it or not never share your secrets with friends unless you know them personally.. but cannot trust anyone!
Wisdom.. the Golden Rule Says... think before sayin!Don't be an Emotional fool!

cheap Stuff!

I am surprised how can somebody stoop so low ... this is in regard to people who have no respect for females and think them as commodity ...its taken as granted and jus say all nonsense and go away with it!
I think this is just the upbringing that we show to others by either respecting them or insulting them ,but a well educated and belonging to a noble profession is not understood by doing these cheap acts like road side Romeos....

Saturday, August 8, 2009


yes..Busy for so many weeks ,going off and on like a switch seems to be that I am on a mechanical device ,guests at home ,work ,kids,family ...but still going on strong..
God Please give me enough strength to handle everything and keep everyone happy...