Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Yes beauty at its best...this incident had a great impact on my mind,I was in a mall ,shopping as usual,went to a store.. this store is has an higher end stuff..carrying all female stuff.. from perfumes ,lotions,cosmetics and rest.. its decorated in pink color..the whole store has sweet floral smell only,but most of the time I see guys with their girlfriends going to these store ,I usually buy my personal stuff from this store..The store is called Victoria's Secret..
I was at VS ,entered and far on the cash counter I was surprised to see something...A beautiful Blonde ,I told my mom to see her her(mom) it appeared as mannequin she told me ,but as we approached towards her without looking here and there..It was a tall beautiful girl, golden curls all over the face ,deep blue eyes, perfect features..wearing red lipstick ..I stared at her to see its real ,she smiled back and said Hi to me ....yes it was their new cashier..I got some stuff and gave it to her to ring them up...which she did... but all the time looking at her I was thinking how can somebody be so beautiful yet so real... just like...Marilyn Monroe..out of the picture...

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