Thursday, June 25, 2009

Racial discrimination!

The Australian issue ,where Indian students were bashed up and led to death is kind of shocking and upsetting at the same time..Many Indian students have gone to Australia for higher education. Now the scenario has changed,fear has taken place ,students say they move out in groups and avoid late nights whenever they can. They also constantly inform their friends of their movements.
Racial attacks on Indian students continued unabated, as a 20-year-old youth from Hyderabad became latest victim of spate of assaults.
Mangat Rai Garg alleged his son was thrown in front of the train, and did not meet with an accident in Melbourne, with the motive of "looting".
All the credit cards ,rings and his belongings were missing from the body which raises a question!
Support of Indian government in asked, the Australian government to start an inquiry into finding the murderer...
Delhi boy Sunny Bajaj, who was racially abused and beaten in Melbourne, recounts his nightmarish experience in an exclusive interview on BBC..and said that he was lucky that he escaped...
Australia's education industry has boomed in recent years to become the country's third-largest export earner after coal and iron ore, generating about $12 billion in revenue in 2008.
Officials in the Indian high commission here said the nearly 100,000 Indian students in Australia contribute $3.5 billion a year to economy.
Its sad to see all this happening to Indian Community in Australia with no fault of these students ...who have fled to save their lives....

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