Friday, June 26, 2009

indian soaps!! or serials..

I am not a big fan of T.V unless its really interesting or some great event is shown.I generally keep a track of news in India and US or if there is any reality show going on.
I have DVR (digital video recorder) with all the televisions in my three of them, to keep the recording when I am not at home.I just record my favourite shows and see them later altogether.
One show which I watch everyday ..only this Indian soap impresses me with its storyline and characters..(choti Bahu)is very grasping ..unlike other Indian soaps which has lot of family issues and unethical far from truth and culture..
I started watching this show by coincidence,surfing the channels and settling on Zee Tv seeing it from third or forth episode ,but could understand the story,its story of US r
eturned guy ..affluent family, falls in love with an orphan gurl.. both characters are portrayed in an excellent manner..Intially I watched this show myself and my hubby never bothered coz he likes more of American shows ..the with me getting serious with choti bahu show he got involved also and keeps a track...The best part is that we watch the show together now and discuss it later .. his perception is so true most of the time as whats going to happen in the next episode.. I usually ask my husband how does he know about the show so well .. his answer is very hilarious..He says..The guy is US returned and knows what he wants him but the other side(girl) is yet to be clear ... like me..

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