Monday, June 22, 2009


India,the country where I am born and raised..Proud to be an Indian in every way.Yes,Indians are recognized in hundreds no matter what!!!
India, as usually was taken as land of snake charmers is no longer in picture as IT engineers who migrated to USA changed the picture,and with globalization and out sourcing, it helped the Indian community to stand tall,yes where the world is facing recession India is showing up the hike in International market.
People in USA ..recognize us with our capabilities and education,the best of doctors,engineers and businessmen are from India...also.
Indian dresses ,culture and course Indian brains (as often said) makes us proud.
In Michigan where I live,Indian by the name Grewals...have made a mark...they have a huge construction business and have thousands of properties here....named as "Prestigious Singhs"another Businessmen from MI..named Chain Singh Sandhu (M tech) has number of plants in Michigan and Toronto..owner of NYX and related companies...
yes ,both of these families we know personally as they belong to Ludhiana ,Punjab...northern region of India..
India with its massive culture and heritage always makes us proud no matter ...where we the world...

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