Monday, June 15, 2009


YA..Frequently asked questions,to me ...I usually write all of these blogs on issues related to me or on the ongoing circumstances or US Economy or any festive occasion ...but interesting.
YES,my age is the most popular or hot topic... on my profile or may be on chat also ..... lol...
people ask me my age in various ways so that I don't get
How many yrs you have been married?
how old is ur eldar kid?
when did u come to USA?
married in USA or INDIA?
offline messages like plz tell me ur age dear?
how old r u?..
yes this is hilarious... somebody asked me... very educated person..highly professional...
when did u do ur masters which yr...and how many yrs...experience at work...and then guessed my age..without getting answer from me..
Yes gurls ask that too......
THE BOTTOM LINE IS "I AM MARRIED" hardly makes a difference....

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