Thursday, May 7, 2009


Ya.. trust is the word..that's keeps my relationship alive...Married and keeping a balance between my personal life and friends is trust.. between any relationship..
Yes people do ask me sometimes that does my husband approve my talk in..or chattin.... on net...
First of all ,I have very few selected frds whom I chat with..may be two or three guys I do not know personally..whom I chat with..and then I think every educated ,sensible married female knows what she is talkin and not getting carried away,keeping limit of the conversation ...Yes my husband knows I chat with unknown people on net... No ,he doesn't say anythin.. he knows me soo well that seen me loosing my temper on net and deleting people..
Once a guy was troubling me on net ..I was so upset, anytime I logged in ..he was there sending messages.scraps..all those flirtin kind.. I was at home,seeing my face expression..monty (hubby)knew somethin is wrong.. and guessed ... he logged in my other computer at home.. and deleted the guy before I knew..I have put a safety key now ..or lock..not acceptin any more friends..
that is trust... Its surprising though that my orkut account has been made by husband ..though the profile is written by me... he wanted me to come on net and make some frds seeing the amt of work I do and always busy in my own world...Initially I was never online ..once a week check scraps... but with frds coming inn I had to change my schedule.
Sometimes..seeing the number of frds I have on orkut family.. and friends r surprised but guys..they r jus... online frds.. and for sure..
Yes..I have some reservations too..

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