Sunday, March 8, 2009


Its been long since I wrote something coz..with home kids and lot of work jus kinda off passin out..
I was amazed of something the other day sitting here on desktop..seeing my orkut messages ..was trying to connect dots to reach at right plce ,with effort got to put things at right perspective..I am person full of life and happiness..didnt complain even once to God,coz whatever was at the back of my mind ..I got it sooner or later.. my dreams came into reality ..I made myself what.. I always wanted to be!excellin in lyfe..
Then lfye has become monotonous too ,cause same old routine upsets one... but then this is life!
I am sometimes surprised how wishes come true..I have an intuition and it is true..but as law of attraction says.. wishes r messages sent to earth .. an they become true when it gets to obsession..
Its a magnet..Earth...

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