Sunday, March 22, 2009

orkut friends..

Initially I never ever wanted to make a profile on orkut cause there is no time to spend on net talkin to the world.. but was lookin for my friend and after six months of search on net,got hold of her brother in chicago and then came to know abt her,it was soo good.. talkin to her and then now we r in touch regularly over the phone.. my friend she as a miss India.. 5'10 tall,good lookin intelligent,workin as investment manager is now happily settled..but then..I got a whole lot of friends in return from all over the world.. startin from age group 17 yrs to a guy who is spanish a writer,poet ,singer 80 yrs in my friends list hilarious..
Yes there r some special friends too I talk to them most of the time.. one is my friend who is an army officer ..nice and other one is a cosmetic surgeon from Delhi who's wife also happens to be frm home town .. then few gurls.. alwys sulkin abt their boyfriends and off course my relatives all over the world.. like Australia,newyork,chicago,toronto,germany,italy,california and michigan!
There r many people in my friends list I have never seen a scrap frm them also, forget abt chattin..I sometimes go thru to see who all r my friends to keep in my mind..
BUT these r my frens on orkut ,I don know personally so kind of little skeptical cause .. never know whats at back of the computer ... I usually make friends with people who r educated and have respectable professions so that there is a little guarantee that decency can be expected..
And..YES...Guys..I DON CHAT.. please ..don ask again..repeatedly..I have certain reservations..
yes even though I am from..US

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