Sunday, March 22, 2009

ha ha..happy!

was so happy friend called today from India..Bombay.. she is such an adorable person.talkin to her was like goin back to school days..oh my gwd.. me school captain and she a head gurl .. then college we were together and attended almost all classes French tuitions too ..I in .. my teenage,wear-in my minis in flamboyant style..and she as usual sweet and simple but very beautiful..always liked most our friends are married except some..those beautiful college days in bombay..sitting on the bus stands with hands full of ice creams.. coming home late after college chased by friends ..havin lot of fun.My dad being an army officer always wanted me to go in car ..but me as usual always had an excuse ready in the mornin to go with my friend.. and then scared of whole lot of senoirs of college waiting on the entrance,them passin comments on freshers and we jus as always kept smilin..and walkin ..
Once a major incident happened when we were in a mess and chased by ... but fortunately dad was there and everythin was solved, God! still shivers...
Its like a movie to me still thinkin of those good old days .. A gang of four gurls.. two boys in
college and lots of fan followin... a good hindi movie... lots of spice..

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